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Firefly Frameshop & Gallery

200 W. Grand Avenue, Suite 7B Grand Junction, CO 81501  (970) 628-4774  The next time you are sitting down at Roosters to a delicious meal of wings, stop by Firefly Frame shop and Gallery a couple storefronts down. As a local business supporting others in our community is very important to all of us. Firefly is first a local business and second a supporter to local artists which is part of the reason we feel they deserve the spotlight this week.  Wandering through the gallery it is remarkable to witness such a beautiful pairing of frames and artwork. Christina is also an artist herself and the back of her shop is dotted by personally crafted pieces just ready to join one of...

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Dead or Alive?

 One of our most commonly asked questions, especially on our Friday Flower Frenzy* is why our roses are dead or ugly- where are the pretty roses? Our answer, these are the pretty roses!  Roses are sturdy flowers but the process from cutting the stem to getting them to our shop is a journey. The outer most petals are guard petals and these petals are left on as the roses travel to protect the bud from collecting too many scrapes and bruises.   We clean up the roses by taking off the guard petals, cutting the thorns off and cutting the stem to the correct length to work perfectly in our variety of arrangements.  This process can leave these roses looking like...

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Let's Talk Flowers

Working in a flower shop is just as wonderful as it sounds. Being able to create expressions of your creativity is a daily delight here. The flowers are gorgeous, the company is entertaining and the smell is, well, we cant smell it anymore but we hear the smell is quite pleasant. Long story short we love our jobs, we love flowers and we want to share our passion for flowers with you, hence our fancy pants blog. Here we will be posting all sorts of interesting angles on flowers from getting to know flowers better, to DIY tips, which flowers to use for different occasions and more.             

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