Building the perfect bouquet

It can seem tricky but we promise, it's not so daunting and it can actually be pretty fun. 

1. Know what you want — or at least a vague idea. Even something as basic as knowing the colors you seek will help us in the right direction.

2. Understand flowers. Flowers are living goods and they look best when in season. In this way, flowers are similar to produce. Grocery stores always have tomatoes, but when tomatoes are in season, they taste better and are more affordable. The same can be said about flowers. Asking for what’s looking best or what’s in season will help you have a fuller, more vibrant bouquet for your wedding.

3. Trust your designers. We do this every single day. We memorize flowers. We dream about flowers. Flowers are our job and our life. It’s what we do. We are invested. We want your flowers to be something you remember and cherish from your special day for the rest of your life. Trust us. We are up to the challenge and thrilled to be working with you.

A dissected bouquet

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