Friday Flower Frenzy

Flowers aren't cheap. They are considered a luxury product and we agree. Someone has to grow them to maturity, cut them, put them on a truck, drive them to a wholesaler where they get divided, put on a different truck and sent our way. From there, we hydrate them, prune them, arrange them and finally they make it to you. We should really have a whole article on the journey of a bloom, we'll save that for another day.

That being said, we love flowers. They are beautiful, they smell nice, they change how a room feels. We think that's pretty magical. And something we want to share.

It's part of why we do Friday Flower Frenzies. We want everyone to have the opportunity to enjoy this luxury product. This is for the starstruck lovers, the novice floral designers, the 'I just want something pretty' people.

Every Friday, we offer half off loose stems — come into our cooler and check it out. Our owner is always trying to get new and different flowers into the shop, sometimes flowers that we haven't even heard of. From carnations, roses and daisies to agapanthus, protea and lisianthus, we have a garden of flowers and greens and then some. 

We hope to have you join us at the next Friday Flower Frenzy. #tgifff 

Offer is only valid in store. This unfortunately does not apply to floral arrangements or keepsake items. This also does not apply for delivery. Thanks for taking the time to learn more about one of our favorite offers. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.